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June 19, 2012

Missoni + Havaianas: Perfect Summer Match

As I was browsing through my recent Nordstrom catalog, I came across a very lovely pair of flip-flops that caught my eye. It’s a pair of Havaianas flip-flops designed by Missoni. Amazing, right?

Now I don’t wear flip-flops very often, or at all, not unless I’m going to a pool, but these are seriously a nice addition to a summer wardrobe. My go-to flip flops are Havaianas as I have very narrow feet and they’re the only ones I’ve found that are actually made for slim feet. The straps fit snug and you don’t feel like you’re going to slide out of them (especially with wet feet).

These come in a bit pricier than typical flip-flops as they are Missoni by Havaianas at $70 a pair, but when these two brands join forces it could be well worth the price. Typical Havaianas are around $30 so the Missoni prints do add a portion to the total cost.

What do you think?  Will you be purchasing these for your summer outings?

(Click the picture to purchase from Nordstrom.)

May 2, 2012

Printed Sunglasses

I’ve got to admit, I love my classic black sunglasses, they go with everything; however, the new colorful printed sunglass trend is growing on me.

They’re a cute extra little splash of color that you can add to your outfit. (Outdoors only though. I can’t stand wearing sunglasses inside. It just makes my head hurt thinking about it.) You can get the sunglasses in a variety of colors right now and with a ton of different prints on them. There’s leopard ones, dots, floral, stripes, snakeskin etc. I can picture an outfit developing in my head as I go down the list. Snakeskin sunglasses with a black t-shirt and snakeskin skinnies….. cute right? Anyway…

Here are some fantastically bold shades I’ve found:

Christian Lacroix Large Sunglasses – $325

Love, love, love these polka dot frames! There so cute and so close to my classic black ones but with a twist…

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April 15, 2012

The Bare Midriff

Are you brave enough?

Not in general.. but are you brave enough to show off your stomach in these new cropped tops? I thought I had been saved from the ’80s Bare Midriff fashion trend by being born in ’87, but as always with fashion, it has made a name for itself again. That’s right, the bare midriff look is back! Plenty of designers embraced this look on the runway for the Spring/Summer looks. While I don’t have that bad of a figure, I am definitely scared by some of these. I have a few cropped shirts at the moment, but they’re always accompanied by a tank underneath to ensure no belly skin is exposed. Without those tanks, there would be no way I would ever purchase one. I, for one, am not brave enough for this skin-exposing trend.

They are definitely making me crave Summer though. If only this tornado weather would go away and the sun would come for good…

As always, I try and include a bit of both worlds to show off options for this style so there will be some expensive and some inexpensive. I’m not sure if it was coincidental, but the higher up I got in price range, the more attention the midriff got. See if you noticed it too..

Splendid – Sierra Stripe Fleece Cropped Top – $98.00 

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February 29, 2012

70/30 Rule: Black & Pink Mix

I was recently reading articles on Yahoo when I came across an article about the 70/30 Rule. I’ve always done this but never realized it had a name. This rule simply states that the key to having a good outfit is to mix good quality pieces of clothing with cheaper quality in the 70 to 30 ratio. For example: say you have a good jacket and a good pair of jeans, mix that with a cheap t-shirt, jewelry, and boots; or another way: a good sweater with a cheap dress, cheap leggings, a nice purse and nice jewelry. Essentially make sure your key pieces are good quality. It makes your outfit look more than you really paid for it.

You don’t want to waste your money on things like t-shirts or tank tops that are plain, those are expendable. Buy those from Target or get them really cheap on sale. If a cheap t-shirt gets ruined it won’t make a big impact, it can be replaced and it didn’t “make” your outfit anyway. What makes an outfit is a fashionable blouse or sweater or a really fantastic pair of jeans or shoes. Spend your money on those; they’ll last longer, making your entire wardrobe last longer. You’ll spend less replacing lesser quality items that have worn out or ripped because you bought them to cheap to begin with.

For this outfit, I put together what would be consistent with the 70/30 Rule. I exaggerated a bit with the extravagance that’s required to pull off this rule, but you’ll get what I mean. Four pieces of this outfit are priced $200 or above, while the rest, though making an impact on the outfit, aren’t the standout pieces and therefore don’t need to cost quite as much as the rest. Therefore, the outfit as a whole, isn’t all expensive.

Pink & Black Mix

Dorothy Perkins cream sweater
$35 –

BKE scoop neck tank
$9.38 –

High waisted jeans
$282 –

Alexander mcqueen heels
£595 –

Assad Mounser facets jewelry
$300 –

Elie Saab gold jewelry
$663 –

Missoni hair accessory
$95 –
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