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March 22, 2012

The NEW Willis Bag

As a child, I grew up with the Coach brand as the only choice if you wanted a good leather handbag. Unfortunately, as I grew up, and got to the age where I started needing a purse, the iconic Coach leather bags were beginning to be a thing of the past. I remember when Coach had a few simple colors to choose from: Red, Navy, Black, British Tan, and maybe a couple others here and there. Those colors were their staples. They had a few styles to choose from and those few colors. That was it. Plain and simple. They focused on quality, and we all know, the more simple the handbag, the more outfits it goes with.

You’ll remember, a few years ago, they started coming out with more canvas styled bags, rather than leather, with C’s covering the fronts, or embellishments of sorts, and crazy colorful prints. They were obviously marketing to a new clientele. I don’t blame them. You’ve got to try new things. They started getting a younger crowd as the younger crowd is the one’s who love flashy bags (most of the time), beat them up and need to replace them more often. It all made sense. They were looking for a higher profit margin and to please the youngins at the same time.

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