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January 2, 2013

Beauty: Korres, Lancome, and Perfekt

I have a few products that I have been needing to review for you all. They are products that I’ve gotten recently and have been using daily because of their amazing-ness! They are Korres Magic Light/Face Contouring Powder Trio, Lancome’s ArtLiner in Noir, and Perfekt’s Lash Perfection Gel. So here we go:

First up is Korres Magic Light/ Face Contouring Powder Trio.


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June 2, 2012

Am I At That Age?

How do you know when to start using anti-aging creams? This is my question. I just hit 25 recently, and I know I’m not a teenager anymore and really need to start thinking about taking care of my skin, but, does this mean I need to start using anti-aging creams, eye serums, wrinkle creams, etc? I know there’s no explicit rule that tells you when to start using them, it’s just kind of a whenever you want to start thing, but when is the typical age? Have I waited too long already?

So, what did I do? I called Sephora’s VIB hotline and asked the question. The girl I talked to was 29 and she said she understood why I was starting to look into them, and her, herself, had started using them a few years ago as well. I told her I had sensitive skin and just wanted a new facial regimen that started dealing with the issue of anti-aging and some actual skin protection. I mean, I don’t want wrinkles in 10 years, why not start protecting my skin now. I actually read in Allure magazine earlier today that it’s easier to protect collagen than regrow it later. Not surprising, but really makes you want to protect what you have now, right? Right! So, I’d like to share first, what the girl at Sephora told me were the best that she could recommend for me. These might work for you as well if you have sensitive skin, that’s all I really told her my concern was. So here we go:

First, she suggested three different lines, Ole Henriksen, Korres, and Boscia for serums and creams. It appears all three of these brands are very natural and free of parabens and sulphates. I really don’t know which to try or if I should try any of them. It’s so hard to decide.

Ole Henriksen – Truth Crème™ Advanced Hydration – $45

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