January Beauty Box: Ipsy

For some reason, I started this blog post on the 24th, and haven’t, until now, gotten around to finishing it. So here I go. Here was January’s Ipsy bag.

cardback The January’s theme of the Ipsy bag was Super Stars as you can see by the front of the card.
Here are the items: ipsyjanuary

The Details:

1) London Soho New York – Crease Brush. I technically only received the Crease brush in my bag, but was giving the Eyeliner brush from my mother who also has a Ipsy subscription. I don’t know if there were other brush options besides these two or not. In my very first Ipsy bag I had received a London Soho New York brush and so far have not had any issues with it. I love receiving brushes in my beauty boxes, because that one item truly pays for the entire bag.

2) Pacifica – Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter. This body butter smells so delicious. I stayed in a hotel one time that provided blood orange lotion and shower gel and absolutely loved the smell, so when I saw that was the flavor of this, I was excited. It smells so good.

3) BigSexyHair: Spray & Play Hairspray. This was the only iffy item in this bag for me. I used this BigSexyHair hair spray as well as BigCurlyHair shampoo and conditioner and the rest of the SexyHair products back in high school (many moons ago) and was actually told by a lady in Beauty Brands that the shampoo/conditioner wasn’t the best for my hair, and that they were really no different than Herbal Essence or Garnier. That said, I’m sure I’ll end up using this when I’m desperate for hair spray which is a product I never buy.

4) Nailtini Nail Lacquer in Bloody Mary. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous red nail polish? Plus, the name is amazing “Bloody Mary.” I haven’t used it yet, but see it being used at some point.

5) Josie Maran -Argan Oil. With as much hype around Argan oil, it seems I keep getting argan oil in every single beauty box for the last few months. Trust me, I’ve gathered a collection. I’ve been using it on my hair to keep the static away. When it gets below 50 degrees, my hair has a mind of its own with static. This seems to do the trick for a few hours, but then I just have to put more on if I use a coat or any static-loving fabric.

All in all, a good bag for the month. I joked with my boyfriend that they honestly could’ve just sent me the brush and I would’ve been happy. What are your thoughts on the products? Love em, hate em?


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