The Collaboration is Here

The collaboration of Target and Neiman Marcus is finally here. It’s available online (though most is sold out already on neiman marcus’ website but still available on target’s website) and in stores. As I am impatient, very impatient, I didn’t want to order online. I woke up and headed to my local target to try and get my hands on the few things I did want.

When I arrived there was signs taped to the front doors saying “Neiman Marcus line starts at blue sign” needless to say, I was worried. Luckily, and weirdly, nothing was sold out, it looked like no one had even touched anything yet (this was at 10am).

My goodies:


Tory Burch lunchbox: $19.99, Carolina Herrera set of 3 notepads and pencils: $19.99 and Marc Jacobs wool/cashmere scarf: $69.99

I will admit the lunchbox was a let down. It looks very, very, very cheap. Not even saying Tory Burch anywhere inside, not even on the tag. Just the white lunchbox-y plastic inside. But for $20 can’t complain too much. Plus I take my lunch to work everyday, so it is practical and my lunch will be stylish!

The notepads are pretty cool, the pages have gold painted sides, which means the pads do smell a bit like paint (and by a bit I mean, a very strong bit). Regardless, I’ll definitely be using them! I’m kind of a stationery freak who loves notebooks, notepads, pens and pencils.

The scarf was my must have. I’m so excited for it, It’ll be worked into one of my outfits this upcoming week! So excited!

Did you get your Target+Neiman Marcus goodies this morning?


2 Comments to “The Collaboration is Here”

  1. Thanks for letting us know about the Tory Burch lunch box, I was going to buy it… And you are right, for $20, it’s somewhat worth it! Thanks!!

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