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December 31, 2012

A Little Sex and the City on New Years Eve

For some reason, on New Years Eve I always think of Sex and the City….

Sex and the City

Thanks for spending the year with me through my blog. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have had and I hope you’re looking forward to everything that 2013 will bring!

Happy New Years! 

Love, Kali

December 30, 2012

Ciate: Mistress & Ladylike Luxe Days

It’s been a while since I painted my nails, so I thought I would try and get the next two of my Ciate Mini Mani Month in one. This is days 9 and 10 (yes, way, way behind) but I truly want to use them not just swatch them. Here is Mistress, a red color with an orange undertone. (It’s more red than shown in this image) With Ladylike Luxe as the gold shade. These colors were perfect together.


Bottles below in respective order: Mistress and Ladylike Luxe


December 29, 2012

Outfit Days: Fashion + Stripes

The holidays are a stressful time of the year – for everyone (unless your like 5). I thought I’d pop in here and upload a picture of my outfit I wore while out shopping and fighting the usual holiday crowds.


Cardigan: Splendid … T-shirt: Sanctuary Colours … Jeans: J Brand … Boots: B.P.

December 20, 2012

December Beauty Box: Ipsy

Oh How I love IPSY! this month was AMAZING. Completely amazing. I really feel like I could potentially cancel Birchbox just as I did with Glossybox and be okay. That’s how amazing this bag is. Here’s some pictures for you:

First is the front of the card, very festive I might add…


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December 17, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

butterfly(P.S. This picture has nothing to do with this post, I just hate adding posts without a picture. They just look boring. I took this over the summer at a Butterfly Garden.)

The lovely lady over at The Passionate Fashionista nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award recently and I would like to thank her very much. This is the first time I have been nominated for any blogging award and I do appreciate it!! She is a new blogger who focuses mainly on fashion though there are few other categories too. For a new blogger she definitely has the hang of it and you should definitely check it out!

The Beauty Blogger Award has the following rules:

1. Link back the person who nominated you.

2. Post the award on your page.

 3. Tell seven facts about yourself.

 4. Nominate seven bloggers and let them know they have been nominated.

As I have done number one and number two, it’s on to number three.

Seven facts about me:

1) Me and fashion have been a struggle through the years. When I was really really little, all I wanted to wear was dresses and pink cowboy boots (yes pink!) and then I went through a phase were I hated fashion and brands, and then with a little help from my mom I found my way back and went above and beyond to the point where my life kind of revolves around it. It cheers me up and gives me a way to express myself since I am actually very quiet and introverted.

2) I am very, very, very picky, about almost everything to the point that I might actually be a little OCD, lol. There is a right way and a wrong way to do most things, and if something is not done my way then I get irked. This is most applicable in the kitchen.

3) I’m an animal lover, through and through. Seriously, when they show those ASPCA commercials on tv of dogs in shelters that are hurt, I can’t take it. I have to put the tv on mute and look away. It breaks my heart.

4) I love to read. Give me a book, put me in a comfy chair. You won’t hear a peep from me for hours. My mom gave me a love for reading when I was really little and I’m one of those readers that actually see the plot playing in my head, so to put down a book would be like stopping a movie. I have two bookshelves full of books. They’re kind of my babies.

5) I have two degrees: one in information systems technology and one in english and I’m currently a web developer. I have a really really weird mixed personality. I always tell people I’m neither left nor right brained because I can sit down and write code for hours and then go shopping for clothes and makeup for the next few hours. Weird, right?

6) I LOVE FOOD. I’m not a sweets person, but a FOOD person. Steak, seafood, veggies, potatoes, pasta, I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it all… I can literally eat all day long if you let me.

7) My dream is to go to Paris one day. I went to London two years ago and being that close yet not being able to go was so painful. I want a life that allows me to travel everywhere I want. Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Sydney, I want to go to them all and see how other people live. Seeing London made me realize how similar we really are. It wasn’t weird being there, it just felt like a more relaxed atmosphere where people knew manners just a bit better ;)

And there you have it, 7 facts. Hope you learned something about the person behind the writing and pictures. If you’re curious about anything, just ask, that’s always been my motto.

And now to nominate 7 other bloggers (in no particular order):

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You should check them out if you haven’t already. They’re all fantastic blogs!

December 13, 2012

Ciate: Vintage Nail Day

Here is day 8 of Ciate’s Mini Mani Month. A gorgeous color called Vintage. I’ve been wearing a lot of gray this week so this bluish-gray has been a perfect color. I love it. And so far all these nail polishes have really held up well. This picture was taken today and I painted my nails on sunday so that gives you a great idea of how well this stuff does. :)


Below: (From left to right) Angel Wings, Cutie Pie, and Caviar Pearls in Prom Queen


 I have skipped three colors, which is what this second image is. I’m going to try the caviar pearls at some point, I just don’t want to waste them without an occasion because I type on a computer all day and I’m worried they would just be falling off all over my desk. Kinda awkward at work! The other two: angel wings and cutie pie I just skipped because I wanted some color. :)

December 9, 2012

The Perfect Accessory: A Book

Remember when I came back from my hiatus a few weeks ago and I said I wanted to post  things that weren’t Fashion and Beauty related. I’m testing the waters here. Part of what runs my world is reading. I love to read. More than I should. Seriously. I have an hour break for lunch and while most of the office leaves on their lunch break, I stay, simply so I can have more time to read. I’m a nerd, right?

Anyway, I want to share two books that I’ve recently read. First, I should share I like chick lit/Jane Austen-continuation type books. (And yes, I’ve gotten in to the Twilight and Hunger Games series too)

So the first book is Searching for Pemberley. Obviously by the title is a Jane Austen category book. The main character, Maggie moves to London to escape Pennsylvania life post WWII. She goes on a tour of Derbyshire and finds a mansion that is rumored to be the one and only Pemberley. After speaking with locals, she finds a family that seems to know an awful lot about the connection between the mansion, Montclaire, and Jane Austen’s Pemberley. As she loves Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice herself, she seeks out more information while figuring out if she wants to stay in London for a boy or move back to Pennsylvania for another boy.

It’s a love story, with a mix of history and Pride and Prejudice. It’s fantastic. I really hate history and historical fiction, but there is the perfect amount in here that truly adds to the story instead of just being history. The beginning is a bit slow, and at 467 pages long, it was a bit daunting, but if you pick it up and get past the beginning, you won’t be able to put it down!


Next up is Always Something There to Remind Me by Beth Harbison. I just finished this book yesterday and read it in about 2 weeks. Very quick read when you consider I only read during my lunch breaks. At 358 pages, it’s medium-sized. Definitely a chick-lit book, through and through. It’s the story of a single-mother, Erin Edwards, who from the outside has it all, a smart teenage daughter, a decent job, and a man who wants to marry her. However, she can’t seem to let go of the guy she dated, twenty years ago in high school. When she runs into him again, after all this time, she’s faced with a mix of emotions. Coupling that with a doubt of her current boyfriend who wants to be her husband. What is she to do?

The book switches back and forth between present day and the 1980s during her high school years to give you both sides of her story, how she felt then versus how she feels now.

Beth Harbison has many books out and her writing is definitely perfect for making you feel every emotion the character is feeling. You won’t want to put the book down until you find out how Erin’s story ends. If you want a light and quick read, I highly recommend you pick up this book.


Hopefully you, my readers, don’t mind me sharing this side of me. I love books and I love giving out book recommendations. So let me know. If you want me to share recommendations or if you think I should stick to strictly beauty and fashion. :)

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