November Beauty Box: Glossybox

So, I got my Glossybox for November in the mail yesterday. They had issues with emailing out the tracking numbers three times but at least I got my box. That said, it will be my last. It’s the most expensive one I subscribe to and it’s been consistently disappointing.

My biggest reason for unsubscribing is that I rarely get anything that I will use. I’ve gotten shampoo/conditioner for colored treated hair, hair products for fine hair, and a brown lip gloss, just to name a few.

This box takes the cake though. The blush that was included in this box, the Glossybox one, is the EXACT same one as what I got in LAST month’s box. While it is a color I can use, the thing that irritates me the most is that it’s one of their own products that their reusing, not a good brand. Next, those nail polish stickers… those just feel like a cheap item, and finally, the eye/lip pencil, I was so excited for when I first saw the box. But upon opening the box, the color is almost the same color as my skin, not exactly useful.

I will give props to the Arganics by NuMe Style argan oil included in this box though, it smells amazing, and as I do have dry ends (I’m growing my hair out), I think it will come in handy this winter.

Glossybox november 2012

By the way, I absolutely love this card. As a person who writes content for companies, I’ve got to wonder who forgot to proof this before it went to print… Notice how 4 out of the 5 product descriptions are cut off.  :)


One Comment to “November Beauty Box: Glossybox”

  1. My issue with glossybox was that they kept sending me products i could buy at bath and body works. Really? I don’t want to try the same stuff i have been!

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