Happy Black Friday!

I hope you are all shopped out and have scored some amazing deals! I know I did. I got my schedule together yesterday and figured out where all to go and started around 9pm last night.

First, I went to Saks Off 5th, which opened at 10pm and I’ve got to admit was the biggest letdown of the night. I was able to get these fantastic Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses for $40, and a Vivenne Tam top, but the problem is, my Off 5th NEVER gets new stuff. Seriously, you can go once every 6 months and you might find one or two new things.

Next, as it was coming up to 11pm, (I didn’t take that long in off 5th, it just takes 35 minutes to get there) I decided to try Target because the next stop didn’t open until midnight. I did get some gloves that are touchscreen compatible that I’m excited for. Two pairs for $3 total. So essentially one was free. They’re not high-class but I’ve always preferred the cheapy cotton gloves to every other kind.

Coming up on midnight I headed to Ulta. I got there at 10’til and there was a line. I really wasn’t expecting one, especially with as long as what it was. Honestly I considered leaving too and going to Victoria’s Secret across town since I thought for sure I wasn’t going to get anything I wanted. I didn’t though, and instead waited in my car until about 5 til and forced myself out in the cold for the last five minutes. The greatest part was, when they opened the door everyone was civil! I found the table that had the goodies I wanted, grabbed one of everything and walked around to make sure there wasn’t anything else. While at the table everyone was using their “excuse me”s and “i’m sorry”s. I was in shock! lol! Funny story about it. I really wanted the smashbox brushes and everyone was picking them up to look at then setting them back down. I reached right in and grabbed a box and turned around and my boyfriend (who braved this day with me) asked if I wanted him to grab another so I could have two sets, I said sure, turned right around and every box was gone! It was so funny.

From there, once I got through the line it was around 12:30, we headed to Victoria’s Secret. I wanted those Pink Yoga Leggings for $25. It was a madhouse, as expected. I picked up a few items and joined the line that was already clear around the entire store. I asked a passing sales clerk if the ones I had in my hand were the ones on sale since there were no signs anywhere and of course, none of them were. I looked at the line, and back down at my non-sale items. Dropped them and figured I’d come back later in the day when the line wouldn’t take an hour to get through.

At this point it was about 12:45 and since nothing else opened until 7am, we decided to head home for a 6 hour nap!

At 7 we were back at it in line at Sephora. With thankfully a short line, it took me about 5 minutes from the time I walked in the door to checking out. Easiest experience out of the entire day. Got some great things too!

With a quick stop at Arden B for their Buy one get one free, I got two cute tops and then one last stop at Nordstrom. Yes, I know Nordstrom has no Black Friday sales, but I ran into my parents and my mom was looking at boots. I’ve been hunting for black boots that aren’t my suede ones that I can wear in rain or snow and found the perfect pair. They weren’t on sale, as I’ve said, but… I walked out with a lovely pair of Frye boots. Best way to end Black Friday, don’t ya think?!

How did you fair this lovely holiday? Find some fantastic deals??


3 Comments to “Happy Black Friday!”

  1. awesome stuff! Lucky you! They didn’t have the same stuff at my Sephora than they did at yours ! lol – you got some good stuff! xx

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