November Beauty Box: Birchbox

So, I kind of called out Birchbox in my post for Ipsy this month. and yes, they deserve it because I got another food item in my box. At least, the other items make up for it, but it still is not okay to put food in a freakin’ beauty box!

Here’s the box though.. Some pretty good items I think and a little more appropriate than the last couple of boxes.

I love the ModelCo lip gloss! Even though I rarely wear lip glosses, this one is so fantastically designed! Finally someone smart who put a mirror on the side of the lip gloss. Brilliant idea!

Plus, I got an eyeliner, a BLACK eyeliner at that. Who doesn’t love and use black eyeliner? The only downside is that my cap was off the pencil and so the tip was completely broke off. I don’t really care though, i can just sharpen it down a bit and it’s fine.

I’m excited to try the Curl Keeper. It seems they might actually have paid attention to my beauty profile this month because I do have curly hair! I’m sick of getting products that are for color-treated and fine hair when mine is the opposite.

Besides the food, and yes, before anyone says that it was just an “extra” I realize this, I would just rather not get food. I’d rather get a minuscule sample of a beauty product than food.


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