I’m Back and I Spend Way Too Much at Sephora

Wow… Have I been MIA?

Yes, yes I have! For good reason though, I work full-time crazy round-the-clock hours it seems like. Then when I get home, want to do absolutely nothing but sleep or sit on my couch and not even turn on my computer.

Please forgive my absence. I can’t promise that I’ll be back regularly, but I will be back every once in a while with something fun. I might change this blog up a bit, just so it fits better with my schedule. If I see something interesting I’ll post it, it may be random things that aren’t necessarily beauty or fashion, but things I enjoy. You’ll see when it happens. :) I miss this damn blog and all that comes with it: checking comments, keeping up with new trends ( I feel so out of the loop). I’ve gotten amazing at Dreamweaver and HTML/CSS since that’s what my job entails, but I do miss fashion. I haven’t read a damn fashion magazine since September.. no lie.

Anyways, so to start things off… I had a lovely trip to Sephora yesterday and took advantage of their VIB weekend special of 20% entire purchase and bought WAYYYY too much.

First is Ciate’s Mini Mani Month nail polish set for $58

This is something I saw in their catalog and was SUPER excited about. I’ve heard so much about Ciate and wanted to try it out but didn’t want to pay the pricetag for each bottle. So when I saw this and the fact that you get 24(!!!) of their nailpolishes (albeit, small bottles) for $58 I couldn’t put it down. I haven’t gotten to try them yet, but I’m expecting good things. The only problem is, with my personality, I can’t bring myself to open them all. It’s too much like an Advent Calendar and with my childhood, I was taught to wait….lol

Next is the Tarte Carried Away with Tarte Set for $54

Now, I’ve had a bad experience with Tarte before, with an eyeliner, but I couldn’t pass up this collection. 24 eye shadows, 8 lip glosses, 1 mascara, 1 blush, 1 finishing powder, 1 blush brush, and a makeup bag for $54! There was only one left at my Sephora so they must’ve been flying off the shelves and for good reason.

And Last, Urban Decay’s Smoked 24/7 Eye Liner Set for $38

Like most people that have tried them, I LOVE Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliners. They have lasting power and they don’t irritate my ridiculously sensitive eyes. My current eyeliner is about to be unsharpenable so I knew it was time to get another. I originally picked up a replacement (a full-sized Perversion) liner for $19, when I saw this. Yes, they’re not completely full-sized but pretty damn close and I get 6 for the price of 2.  HMMM…wonder which I should choose….

Yeah, I spent a little too much, but… it happens.

Until next time….


2 Comments to “I’m Back and I Spend Way Too Much at Sephora”

  1. awesome! I went to Sephora on Saturday as well. Didn’t get to buy anything though, their damn registers broke. So depressed! I had to settle for Nordstroms and it just wasn’t the same x

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