August Birchbox: Beauty School

August’s Birchbox had the theme Beauty School. Since its August and all the kiddies head back to school this month, the title is fitting. The box and products itself is all about the “tools of the trade” when it comes to beauty. Mine arrived a day early with bright yellow packaging.

The card was a bit different this month with a bit more creative look. Instead of one single card with the items listed, it’s an accordion style card. It explains a few brushes, and how they’re used along with tips on how to get the perfect shave as well as how to read a product label. It’d be nice if they’d continue this every month so there’s some facts or helpful tips like what they have on their website. I doubt they will, but I enjoyed it.

The Items & Descriptions:

Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy: La Fleur – I’ve complained about fragrances in my boxes continuously. I don’t like getting perfumes in my boxes. Period. Most of the time they smell horrible and I would never, ever buy them. Birchbox has changed my attitude towards them with this box. I got a welcomed surprise this month with this vial. First off, it’s a spray bottle, not those stupid annoying ones that you fight with the top. Second, it’s a “younger” fragrance brand. And third, it smells good! Really, really good. I seriously may go buy it. The only downside is the staying power, it doesn’t last too long.

Whish – Three Wishes Body Butter – OMG this smells SO amazing! I’ve heard/seen Whish products before but never got the chance to experience them. Now I want to try more. I opened this little guy up and took a quick sniff, it smells so good I couldn’t wait to actually use it. Apparently I love the smell of Pomegranate as that’s what this is scented. It left my legs smooth and dried very quickly unlike lotions that leave you with a sticky/oily feeling immediately after. I will be purchasing this product!

Miss Jessie’s Original – Pillow Soft Curls  – When I first saw this in my August Birchbox, I wasn’t thrilled since there was two foil packets. Whenever there is a hair product in foil products, it’s a bummer. They’re hard to use over and over again simply because of the packaging. However… this product is worth it, even with the packaging! It works so amazingly well with curly hair. It not only made my hair curlier (in a good way) without frizz or crunch, it made it softer. They claim that this is the first “fabric softener” for hair and honestly, that is the best description for it. Not only does it make your hair soft but.. it smells like you’re putting Downy dryer sheets in your hair. No exaggeration! When you use the product you will smell downy all day long! I’ve already told my fellow curly-haired people about this product. It’s amazing and definitely getting purchased.

DDR – Brightening Cleanser – While this product leaked just a little bit, I was still excited for it. I’m always looking for a better face wash. As you know by now, my skin is super sensitive, and just about everything breaks it out. This face wash does it’s job. It cleans very well and leaves a tightness feeling behind. Some people may not like this, but I do. It makes me feel like my face is actually clean. It does smell a bit like NyQuil though, which is a bit weird, but the smell only lasts as long as your actually washing your face. It’s not a scent that lingers (luckily). I’ve switched over from my Origins to this product and I’m very happy with it. It seems like it’s going to go a long way.

Shick Razor – While this is an expensive item, probably almost 3/4 of the $10 box’s price (since there are two coupons on the back of the packaging).I’m not overly thrilled with this. It’s useful, and I always need razors, but it’s not a “fun” item. Especially since I just bought 2 $15 packages of razors a week ago for my trusty Venus razor.

And that’s it! Though there were only 4 items this month (which feels a little bit like a let-down), they were all quality products. I will honestly use EVERY single item. Which makes this the first box I can honestly say that. I’m so happy with this month and will be purchasing at least the Whish and Miss Jessie’s products. I’m very happy with Birchbox this month!

Do you use any of these products?


One Comment to “August Birchbox: Beauty School”

  1. whish have awesome products. I’ve tried their shaving cream which is sooo amazing! not impressed by the box but love whish ! x

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