Alexander McQueen at Charlotte Russe??

Well… kind of.. I was wandering around my local mall and stumbled into Charlotte Russe. While looking at the shoes I happened to see a pair that looked very, VERY familiar. I picked it up, turned to my boyfriend and went “Alexander McQueen!! Google it!” Sure enough, my memory was right on. Black leather booties with a zipper up the front. All they were missing was his signature skull zipper tab and peep toe. Regardless, they were purchased immediately. $935 vs $40…

Here are the actual Alexander McQueen black leather booties I was sure I was seeing:

And here are the Charlotte Russe ones that now belong to me:

Buy them here!

What do you think? Will you be purchasing? Close enough to the original?


2 Comments to “Alexander McQueen at Charlotte Russe??”

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