Reviewed: Lancome, Wella Professional, AHAVA

I was asked to review a few products that I had received from June’s Glossybox and I finally feel like I’ve got enough of a use out of them to review them confidently. I’m also going to be reviewing Lancome’s new palette. This is my first time doing full-fledged reviews so bare with me.

First, Lancome’s Blush Subtil Palette in Framboise Flirt.

This is Lancome’s newest makeup addition. It’s for those of us who are a bit unsure on contouring our faces, but still want to try. Lancome offers six different color options, they fall into two categories: either pink-berries or red-corals. The fantastic part of this is that it includes a step-by-step of how to put it on properly. It is supposed to be 8 hour wear, and I could believe that, it seems to last all day. In addition, it’s fragrance-free and dermatologist tested – so its fantastic for us sensitive-skinned people.

Lancome has even put out a brush that is specifically made for this palette, a dual-ended #25 Cheek & Contour Brush for $40. I passed on this and used my own. I don’t really think it’s necessary if you have brushes that are close.

When I first asked about this palette, at my local Nordstrom, the girl helping me chose extremely dark colors for me. I was not a fan. I looked like I went to Glamorshots. When she showed me the result, I asked if I could try a different color option and when I chose this Framboise Flirt it looked MUCH better. It actually makes me look like I had cheekbones, something I naturally lack.

While it is $42, a bit pricey, you do technically get a contour shade, blush, and highlighter. So if you split the cost for the three colors, you technically are paying $14 per item. Which I don’t mind one bit.

Conclusion: I love this product and have used it every day since I purchased it. I definitely would recommend you try it if you’re interested.

Second, Wella Professional’s Enrich Moisturizing Treatment

I loved the smell of this product when I first received it in my Glossybox, but was a bit disappointed when I saw it was for fine hair. Nevertheless, I tried it and I could see why it was for fine hair types.

After shampooing, I used used a small amount and rinsed, then blew it dry. I definitely noticed a difference. It felt softer and thicker. My hair is pretty thick as it is, so to have it be thicker wasn’t necessarily a benefit for me. However, it smelled SO good I didn’t mind the extra volume. There doesn’t seem to be any noticeable build up either, which is very important to me since my hair is so thick. Products tend to just get stuck in my hair if I put too much.

After I used it, I did pass it off to my boyfriend to use. He has fine hair and is always looking for products to make his hair just a bit thicker. I gave this product to him the day after I received the box and haven’t gotten it back since. He LOVES it. There’s a noticeable difference in his hair thickness and feel. It makes hair much softer and he agrees that it smells great. He’s going to be buying some when the sample runs out.

Conclusion: It’s a fantastic product for fine hair types. It’s okay for normal-to-thick hair if you don’t mind a bit extra thickness. Whatever the hair type, you’ll be smelling your hair all day.

Third, AHAVA’s Mineral Botanical Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash

This item was the unfortunate product that leaked in a great majority of Glossybox’s in June. Luckily mine didn’t leak much, so I still had a good amount to try. Honestly though, this cream was was hard for me to review.

I really didn’t see what all the hype was about with this product. It just seemed like a typical body wash. I use Philosophy body washes daily and have for years and I still prefer those to this body wash. AHAVA just didn’t seem to lather much unless you used a huge amount. My skin didn’t appear to be any smoother or softer and while it says for sensitive skin, I used it right before shaving and ended up with razor burn.

Plus, while the product smelled fantastic, the smell didn’t last long after the shower. I mean I don’t want to be asphyxiated by the smell, but I still like to smell the wash after I get out of the water otherwise I might as well use $2 unscented soap.

Conclusion: I won’t be buying this product. It’s a great product to try, and I’m happy I received it in my box, but it’s nothing special in my opinion.

And there you have it. Those are my reviews. Hopefully they were decent enough to give you guys a good enough of a feel for the products. Let me know if you have any questions!


3 Comments to “Reviewed: Lancome, Wella Professional, AHAVA”

  1. great reviews! Interesting palette from Estee Lauder. Wouldn’t think they would have a palette like that, but pretty cool. Funny about the hair conditioner, but nice that someone is getting use out of it lol . Bummed about the AHAVA wash, but thanks for reviewing it and saving me from wasting money on a product that sucks! x

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