July Glossybox

I received my July Glossybox actually in the month of July!!

I’m pleased. However, it still did take from the 16th until the 28th to get halfway across the country (NJ to KS). They seriously use the worst shipping company. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m happy with this box or just plain completely annoyed. I definitely am partially annoyed, but I’ll get to that when I get to those items. The total of the products add up to well above the $21 that I pay each month, with two full-sized items included.

The theme this month was Summer Nights. It’s for showing off sunkissed hair, sultry eyes, and sexy sandals.

So, here we go, here’s the box followed by the card:

Alessandro International: Pedix Heel Rescue Balm – the card states this foot cream oil is from Germany and provides intensive protection and nourishes skin. This product really isn’t for me as my feet sweat a ridiculous amount or, in other words, they’re never dry and cracked. Regardless, I still put some on my heels. And it seems like a decent moisturizer. It smells great and feels like you just got done with a pedicure. I like this product and will use it maybe before bed.

Figs & Rouge: Lip, Face & Body Balm – a 100% pure and natural skin-balm. I’m a little worried to try this but I’m going to. The last time I tried a natural product I ended up being allergic to it. Upon use, it looks like it has little beads in it, but when you put it on, it actually has a silky/oily texture. It doesn’t really make anything smoother like it’s being moisturized, instead, it just made it silky. My lips were extremely dry when I put it on, it didn’t really seem to smooth them out or make the dryness disappear. I do love the packaging though. It looks vintage and is a small container that would fit easily in your purse or pocket.

Sebastian: Color Ignite Multi-Tone Shampoo and Conditioner – these are the products I’m most annoyed about. I don’t color my hair. When you sign up for Glossybox you fill out a beauty profile and one of the questions are if you color your hair or not. The fact that there are two products for color-treated hair is what really gets me. It’s not just one product that isn’t for me, but two. It’s like the last box that had a product for fine hair when I have normal- to -thick hair. Plus the Conditioner sample says to use a “tennis-ball sized amount” that’d probably end up being the whole damn bottle. Ridiculous. I do love Sebastian products which made this worse. I have a whipped mousse that I use when I want my hair curly so I’m sure these products are great, it’s just disappointing.

Senna Cosmetics: Double Dose Lip Lacquer – while this product’s packaging is a definite turn-off, as it looks like it belongs to Revlon or an 1980s style product. I’m glad mine isn’t completely dried out like the complaints I’ve seen, it does appear to be a little bit dry or it’s half empty. The consistency is very, very thick. I mean, it’s like your lips are stuck together thick. The colors are pretty, the color combo is called Luminous which the website describes as “sparkling berried brown and glowing ivory gold.” The Berried Brown has flecks of gold in it, and the Ivory Gold, has a pink gleam to it in the light. They are not the type of glosses that are sheer. The thickness comes with heavy pigmentation so its essentially like a thick lipstick. It’s full-sized as well which retails for $22.

Bonus Item: Ruddy Water – Blushed Fragrance Towlette – I am not a good person for this type of a sample. Since it is a towelette once you open it, it’s used and can’t be used again and I hate having to throw beauty products away after one use. The smell is pretty good. I like it, its kind of citrusy (it has a subtle sweet lemon with sugar, vanilla, and ginger). I was expecting the towelette to be soaked like tan towels or face wash towels, but this one was almost completely dry. I don’t know if it dried in the shipping process or if that’s how it’s supposed to be, but the smell was still there. It was a nice bonus item all-in-all.

So there it all is…

To be honest, this may be my last box. I’ve only given it two months, but that may be enough for me. I’ve got a couple days to decide before they charge me for August(hopefully). Maybe I’m overreacting because I had high hopes for this box and when you wait 12 days for it to arrive, you have way too much time to wonder what’s in it. This box ended up being a letdown.

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll give it one more month. I’m torn.

Are you in love with this box? Did you hate yours? Or do you have any questions about the products? Share your thoughts :)


6 Comments to “July Glossybox”

  1. haven’t tried Glossybox yet, but seems okay .

  2. I have that balm. totally love it. i use it on my elbows…..

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