London 2012: Summer Olympics

Let’s face it, fashion and sports don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, but it doesn’t stop us from expecting the Olympians to be well-dressed for the Opening Ceremony. They’re supposed to dress to represent their country and/or their countries traditions, as well as for a formal ceremony. While they don’t go as all-out like the red carpet, there are still some clear winners and losers for fashion.

Among the list of my favorite outfits/ best dressed:

Paraguay – I’m pretty sure Paraguay’s outfits are on the tops of everybody’s list. This by far is the best picture out of all the countries which definitely helps their case. The red dress, the hair accessories, the red ties and blue blazers. It all just works together. Definitely my favorite.

(Photo credit: getty images)

France – These outfits just look well put together and very French. They do look much like USA’s outfits, but both countries do have the same colors, so it’s bound to happen. I love the bright blue ties on the men and red flats on the women. It’s a great way to give them subtle differences all while keeping them uniform.

(Photo credit: Jae C Hong/ The Associated Press)

USA (I’m not being biased, I promise) – Deja vu… Even with the controversy of the Ralph Lauren-designed outfits (being made in China), these were still some of my favorites. To me, they looked very British/French, (and very much like the French outfits) which I’m not saying is a bad thing. I like that they all match. It’s very easy to tell what country they belong (except for when placed next to the French olympians). The girls wearing skirts rather than pants is definitely a plus to me. I could do without the berets, but the socks with white shoes gives me a 1950s bobby socks and saddle shoes vibe. I kind of like it, not gonna lie.

(Photo credit:NY Daily News)

San Marino – The thing that stands out to me most, is that these ladies and gentlemen look like they’re going out to dinner, not getting ready to compete in sports. I love that they brought a sense of formality to the ceremony. The white dresses on the ladies look great, and the suits on the men look great as well. Having a fewer amount of competitors probably helped as they were able to confer easier, but regardless, they look sharp.

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Serbia – While I am guilty of having to look up where this country was located, I enjoyed their outfits. I like the fact that the men and women are wearing distinctly different outfits. (Yes, that sounds like I’m counterring what I said about the US, but the men’s outfits look like men’s and women’s look like women’s.) I prefer uniformity among the genders so, I do wish all the women were wearing skirts. The few who are wearing baggy pants kind of ruin it a bit, in my opinion.

(Photo credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images Europe)

Latvia – The simplicity of their outfits and uniformity makes me happy. I love that the men are wearing the opposite of the women, and vice versa (red tops, white bottoms vs white tops, red dress). The nude kitten heels on the women are fantastic too. I’m torn on that hats though, I can’t decide if I like them or hate them.

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Nigeria – I like the fact that they did a traditional outfit all while using the flag as the color scheme. If you know their flag, you know what country they’re from. They all match, and the colors look fantastic against their deep skintone. I love it.

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Worst Dressed/ Least Favorite (Whichever title you like best.)

Canada – I’m sorry, Where are you from? Is a question they’ll never have to answer with these outfits. I would love to have a jacket like this to be able to wear later on and it show I participated in the Olympics, but for the Opening Ceremony, it was a bit too casual and “blah” to me. Dress up a little, you’re representing your whole country! There was another country too that had almost this exact same jacket… I wish I could remember the name so I could put it here, but I just can’t think of it.

(Photo credit: AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Great Britain – Again, I’m sorry, I love England. I would even move to London in a heartbeat, but these outfits were horrible. They look like they belong in the 1990s with the Spice Girls donning them. Maybe I’m crazy but I also get a Katniss in the Hunger Games vibe.. Not sure why, but nothing about them said Great Britain. The gold touches may signify the gold medals, but the rest of it is just wrong. Plus, the shoes look like they belong on a 5-year-old.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Sweden – They match, yes, but for some reason, I’m just not loving these outfits. I feel like a middle-schooler picked them out from their own closet or they raided the racks at Express when they were having a sale. I will give them credit for standing out and wearing their country’s colors, but it just doesn’t work.

(Photo credit:Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports)

Spain – No, no, no, no, no. The shiny-shiny skirts and bright yellow tops do not do any of these girl’s justice. Mixed with the Sperry tennis shoes in a different shade. It’s all a big mess. The headbands and purses though, I think are cute, just needs a different outfit to belong to.

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez)

Best Humor Award: Definitely had to throw this one in here for laughs alone. While the countries and their competitors know they’re going to be critiqued on what they wear, Czech Republic still chose to add some fun accessories: rainboots and umbrellas. It’s well-known London is known as being a rainy city, so for another country to poke fun at this, I think was fantastic. The leggings matching the 1980s umbrella pattern though – not so much.

And that’s all I have for you. There was probably some more that should be added to this list, but when a ceremony is 4 hours long, and you see 204 countries paraded around, only a few tends to stand out.

What did you think of the Olympic fashions? Would you add any to this list?


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