Birchbox: July Edition

So, I reported on the July Birchbox about a week after receiving my June one. They were already giving hints about it saying they had teamed up with Glamour and it was going to be all about the senses. Well, I received my Birchbox yesterday and it’s the best one yet.

I’m not gonna waste any time today, I’m just diving right in.

Here’s the box and card:

First up, blinc Mascara 

I have been hearing good things about this mascara for a while now and actually have been needing a new one. I was SO happy to see this was listed on my card. I did a little happy dance – not even kidding. Putting it on, I didn’t really see a difference. I like big, thick lashes, and this isn’t one of those mascaras. It separates lashes well, but doesn’t necessarily make them stand out in any way. It’s a “typical-day” mascara, not a “night-out” mascara. I did also find it a bit messy upon application. I think what happened was it didn’t dry extremely fast, so it did leave little black marks on my eyelids. Not a big problem, but a little annoying. The staying power was great. I think this is partially because it’s not a big fancy lash one. I could still feel it on my lashes though, so I knew it was there. It didn’t really come off in your hands if you tried to mess with it. Even using makeup remover doesn’t remove it well. This is the thing I’ve heard about it the most. It creates little tubes around your lashes that come off with water. This is true. When I tried removing it with my makeup remover it just had little flecks of black, not a ton of black like typical mascara. When I was washing my face, however, I ran my fingers over my lashes to make sure it was all gone and then I figured out the “tube” analogy. It looks like your eyelashes are falling out, but in fact, it’s just the mascara finally coming off. It’s a bit unsettling actually. All in all, I will probably use this mascara as it is a good one with good staying power, but I personally like big, bold lashes which is not what this provides.

Second, Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss

I’ve also heard great things about Jouer. The sample for this is super tiny at best, but it’ll still give me a few uses to determine if I like it enough to buy the full size which retails for $20. The color, Peony, is not exactly my color but it is gorgeous and I wish I could rock it. I’ve got dark, dark brown hair with dark features, and have a slight tan to my skin, none of that works that well with a very bright pink shade. Regardless, I did try it, and as long as I put it on very lightly (one light layer), it works well as a gloss. It was sticky, which is nothing unusual and it does stay pretty well. Example – I drank from a glass while I had it on and it didn’t rub off on the glass much, (which is something I value in lip glosses.) I hate having to wipe the sticky gloss off, as to me it looks gross having a lip print on a glass. I really don’t have to much to say about this product because it’s just an ordinary lip gloss to me.

Third, Manna Kadar sheer glo shimmer lotion

I’ve been experimenting with highlighters recently and this will give me another one to test out. To find a video on Birchbox’s website on how to apply this one properly was a bonus in itself. I have a highlighter that’s from Laura Mercier and comes like a cream blush and haven’t had any luck with it. This Manna Kadar product however, I could actually tell where I was applying it and actually saw a highlight. It creates a nice shimmer without looking like you doused yourself in glitter. It’s subtle, so you can see it but not so subtle that you don’t feel like you got your money’s worth like my Laura Mercier. Mind you, I don’t feel comfortable commenting on the staying power of this because a few hours after getting ready I end up looking like a hot mess thanks to the high temperature being in the 100s for the last couple of weeks around here, but I do think based on first apply it seems like a fantastic product. I can’t wait to see how well it holds up when my makeup doesn’t melt the second I leave air conditioning.

Fourth, Oscar de la Renta Live in Love perfume

As I’m so picky with perfume I’m always skeptical when I find a perfume in my box. Either way, I do enjoy being able to smell them without a full purchase commitment. I tested this one out on my wrist and it smells good, a kind of floral mixed with cedar, (which is esentially what it says on the card), but its too “old” for me. I may be 25, but it smells like something I could see my grandma wearing, which is who I would think Oscar de la Renta would be targeting with their perfume. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s definitely too overwhelming for me.

and for the Lifestyle Extras:

First up: Tea Forte minteas

I love Tea Forte to start with as I love tea. so to see these in my box, even though they’re just mints, I was happy. They taste delicious too. Like peppermint tea. Yum.

Second: Earbuds

I kind of giggled at these, not even going to lie. I didn’t expect these to be high-quality at all, but they’re cute and headphones are expensive. When put to use, they definitely aren’t fantastic. The sound is muffled yet loud (not exactly the best combination). If you just need headphones and don’t care how clear it is, these work just fine (and you look cute using them, lol). Bonus for me – my phone case is pink so it kind of matches.

All in all, a fantastic box that I will actually use all of (except for the perfume)!! I’m definitely a happy camper!

I do hope Birchbox realizes that this makes my expectations for future boxes higher from now on….

Do you have a love or hate relationship with any of these products? Please share :-)


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