My Very Own Glossybox!!

Please forgive me for my recent lack of posts besides a few outfits posts, I’ve been super busy starting a new job and I’ve been avoiding the blogging world all together in anticipation for my first Glossybox. I’ve heard so much about Glossybox from other countries, I had to sign up and try it myself. Since Glossybox came to the US only a few months ago (April), I waited for subscriptions to open up and once they did, early June, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my box.

People started receiving there’s June 29th, and since then I’ve been neglecting my favorite blogs, avoiding my email and pretty much hiding in hopes that I didn’t see what was in the box and ruin it. I love being surprised. If I didn’t, I would subscribe to the beauty box that lets you choose your items.

Needless to say, mine finally came Friday. Yes, that’s a whole week I had to avoid reading anything that might give it away, and trust me, that’s a lot of things to avoid. And….that was the longest wait I’ve everrrr waited. The good thing about being probably one of the LAST people to receive this box, is I probably won’t be spoiling this for anyone.

Without further ado, here’s my lovely pink box.

The card…

To go down the list:

Ahava – Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash – This is the item I was most scared for, I had already seen people complaining on Glossybox’s Facebook page that this had exploded in their boxes, so I was praying that my box did not contain this item. Unfortunately it did, and it did leak, but not as much as others. On a positive note, it smells really, really good. It even states that it’s for Sensitive Skin – a major bonus for me. The smell lasts longer than your shower, which is what I want in a body wash, but it’s not strong or overpowering. There’s just a slight clean smell left on the skin.

First Aid Beauty – Smooth Shave Cream – I’ve seen these products around (I think at Target), and they’ve intrigued me, but never enough to buy. So to have this included in my box is a bonus. It’s shaving cream, which kind of sucks, as I never use shaving cream – ever. I just use Venus razors and shave in the shower, I’m too impatient to do the shaving cream thing so this was gonna be a tough sell for me. I think shaving cream is a wasted expense. However, I tried this out so I could give an unbiased opinion. Honestly, I love it. I used it in the shower, so a little went a long, long, long way and it did make my legs much smoother. It felt like I had put lotion on them but without that sticky feel that lotion sometimes gives you. I will admit, it did irritate my skin a little bit, almost like razor burn but that went away within 5 minutes. I may buy this when I run out, I’m very impressed with it.

Ofra Cosmetics – Eye Shadow ICE – The card describes this as a “primer infused, color intensive, creamy eye shadow.” I don’t know about that description to be completely honest. First, it’s a pain to apply. It’s a squeeze tube, like a lip gloss, so you essentially have to grab a brush to apply it, but once i tried that, it just rubbed almost completely off and ended up being a gray shade. It could work as a base color if you’re going for a smokey eye. The lasting ability though, considering that they claim it’s already infused with a primer, is hard to say. The shadow didn’t crease like what an eyeshadow sans primer does, but, it did fade immensely within a few hours. It went from a dark gray shade to an even lighter gray shade in spots. It didn’t wear evenly which really bothers me. I’m not a big fan of this product.

vBeaute – Lite Up, Buying Time & Eye Never – These apparently are part of a skincare line for the prevention of aging skin. Considering that’s something I’m concerned with right now, I was a bit excited. These three products are numbers 3, 4 and 5 of the skincare system. In order, they are a brightening agent, a daily moisturizer and a nourishing repair eye cream. The first three items of the system which are not included are a facial exfoliator, a gentle foaming cleanser and a anti-wrinkle protecting serum. The samples come with a little booklet that tells about the products, how to use them, and the regular price. After applying them in the AM, I didn’t notice anything miraculous. The Lite Up didn’t seem to do anything, Buying Time did work well as a moisturizer, my skin feels soft, and the Eye Never just makes it look like I put highlighter under my eyes. For $150, $135, and $85 full-priced respectively, these won’t be bought. The samples, I must also share, aren’t even full. It reminds me of my sample of Dr. Jart in my Birchbox, to just try out once, I just had to squeeze the crap out of them to get any product.

Wella Professionals – Enrich Moisturizing Treatment – This product is made for Fine to Normal hair. Neither of which I have. I’m a little bummed, but I’m going to try it anyway just to see what it does, because it smells amazing. I love hair products that smell good. When I find hair products that make it smell like I just got my hair done at the salon, it makes me want them even more. Weird, I know. This is the only product I have yet to try so I don’t have much to say on it.

A Perfume Organic – Urban Organic – This was the bonus item and a very, very small sample it is. The bottle isn’t even half full. And I’m super glad it was the bonus item. I would never buy this as a perfume, it is definitely not my cup of tea. It says that its made up of  “a sweet lemon sorbet with bourbon, tangy lime peel, basil, ginger and smoky vetiver” but to me it smells like peppermint and that’s it. I asked my boyfriend to smell it, to give a second opinion, and he said it smelled organic and like flowers (whatever that means). I prefer powdery and sweet perfumes so it would make sense this isn’t one for me. If you like a strong floral perfume, this one’s for you.

And that’s it! To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m pleased or bummed. It’s much larger samples than Birchbox, my other subscription, and I think I will use part of the products. I was already charged for the July box (on the 3rd), which I wasn’t pleased about since I hadn’t even received this box yet. It didn’t even give me a chance to cancel based on this box, but in all honesty, I like to give things a few months to prove themselves before I opt out. It’s one box, one $21. I have my fingers crossed for an even better box next month.

Did you get a Glossybox this month? What’d you think of your products?


3 Comments to “My Very Own Glossybox!!”

  1. please do a review on the AHAVA and the Wella professionals! Would love it! Awesome box x

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