Summer, Summer, Summertime….

It’s summertime, ya’ll… well almost, just 6 more days. School’s out (for those of you lucky enough to still be in school). Pools are open. And the sun is shining. So what does this mean in the world of fashion and beauty? It means you need to lighten up. No, not your mood. Even though that theoretically speaking should do the same with the sun, but I’m talking about your clothes and your makeup. It should all be lighter.

For your clothes:

You want to embrace light layers. Whether it be a light dress or flowy pants, the lighter the material the better you will feel. Like the Felicity & Coco Belted Jersey Tank Dress from Nordstrom for $68..

Embrace hats. No one wants to burn their scalp out in the sun and since its a little difficult to put sunscreen up there, grab a cute hat this summer. Most of the time the summer will bring out the fedoras or wide brim floppy hats! You pick:

Halogen – Two-tone Fedora – $78

Jessica Simpson – Swirl Bow Floppy Hat – $48

For your makeup:

Skip the foundation, use a tinted moisturizer. I’ve always worn foundation year-round. This year, I’ve been skipping it for Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer ($58 at Nordstrom or Sephora) and let me tell you, it’s been an amazing change. My face feels like I’m not wearing makeup all day. I do follow it up with a bit of bronzer or powder just to set it and then I’m on my way.

Lighten up your eyes. Don’t go so heavy with the black eyeliner. I love my black eyeliner too, but in the summer I like playing with it a bit, trying different color eyeliners like brown or purple just so its not soo heavy. Also, try some lighter eyeshadows. Pastels are making their way onto lids this summer so play with it some. If you’re not sure about pastels or you’re not sure it’ll suit your skincolor, try it with a palette you already have (and those shades you never touch) or find a cheap palette at a drugstore that you wouldn’t mind tossing or giving away if it wasn’t you. If you felt like splurging though, you could try:

Givenchy’s Le Prisme Eyeshadow Quartet in Pastel Model for $57

Or you can use an eyeshadow pencil to create both your shadow and eyeliner giving a simple and easy summery look. For example: Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Shadow in Pearly Peach for $20, available at Sephora.

Sunscreen!!! We’ve all been hit over the head with it, but we know its for a good reason, even if we lack structure with it. It doesn’t matter how long you’re outside. If you go outdoors, you need to wear it. My tinted moisturizer has SPF 20 in it so I feel like my face is a little protected even though I know not to depend on it. If you don’t like slathering on sunscreen find it built into other products. It might not be as good as a standalone, but at least protecting your skin a little bit will be doing something. I’m not even going to act like I know sunscreens well, I really don’t, but… for your body, here are two options:

Philosophy’s – Here Comes The Sun™ Age-Defense Water-Resistant SPF 30 UVA/UVB Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen, available at Sephora for $26

Or, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 55, available at any drugstore, $9

Now get out there and enjoy the summer, even if you are stuck in an office or summer school…


4 Comments to “Summer, Summer, Summertime….”

  1. I’ve never thought about wearing hats before… maybe I should give it a try!

    It’s been so hot here… it’s supposed to be triple digits on Saturday. We’re planning on heading to the beach super early!

    That Neutrogena sun block is my favorite. It doesn’t feel greasy at all.

  2. I am dying to a floppy hat this season! There is something scary with wearing them, but I should just get over myself ;)

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