No More iPhone Photos!

Yup, that’s right. I will not have to take any more pictures with my crappy little iPhone camera. They definitely lack a quality that is needed for showing true colors of outfits and just all around nice looking pictures. So… even though my birthday was a few weeks ago, my amazing boyfriend told me if I could wait a bit, he would get me a camera for my blog and general picture-taking-merriment. This weekend I got to go pick out said camera.

Introducing the new love of my life: Drum roll please..(the last picture taken on my phone.. hopefully)

And to show its amazing quality and a hint of the beautiful colors you will soon be getting from my outfit posts… meet Duke, my 13 year old puppy who agreed to be my model for you all.

(Click on it to actually see the quality)

Which leads me to my next point.. while I love my theme, chances are its going to change here soon because having the max image width of 420 is just getting too difficult to fight with. So, don’t be surprised if you come on here next and the look has changed. I don’t have ADD (that I know of) since I keep changing the look,  my needs just keep changing.


2 Comments to “No More iPhone Photos!”

  1. Lovely cam and model! Looking forward to your new pics :)

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