Beauty Box Dilemma

Since starting a blog and following others, I have developed a deep curiosity for these beauty box things I’ve been hearing so much about. I know there is the BirchBox, GlossyBox, JulepMaven etc. But, the point of this post is to simply ask you guys, which do you recommend me trying out first? I only want to do one for now.

I live in the US so I know that effects which ones are available to my region. I love trying new products and I like the concept of getting new things to try every month. So please, if you could suggest one that would be amazing. Let me know which is your favorite. :)


4 Comments to “Beauty Box Dilemma”

  1. I am signed up for the Birchbox atm and am awaiting the arrival of the May box. Shall I do a review of it? I have previously tried the MyGlam box, but I found it really a bit lackluster. I’ve heard good things about Glossybox though I’ve never personally tried it. good luck!

    • I would love to read a review of your May Birchbox! And thanks for the heads up about the MyGlam box, I’ll be weary of it. I was hoping for comments about the good and the bad experiences and you gave me both in one comment! :) Thanks so much!

      • Okay cool! I’ll do a review then when it arrives ! (Which should be in a day or so! ) Yeah, it’s not a bad beauty box, but they are really new and their products are pretty lackluster. You may like it if you enjoy drugstore brands and things as they have sometimes given full size products in their boxes of those, but I’m not a fan of too many drugstore brands. They usually use cheap ingred. and I have super sensitive skin so yeah. I tried it for like 3 mos. so I had a few of their boxes. Anyhow, hope this helps! And of course, no problem! I’m glad to be of help :-)

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