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May 31, 2012

Polyvore: It’s All About the White

It's All About the White
May 30, 2012

The Summer of White

It’s official, while it’s not quite Summer yet, the weather is bringing out the summery clothing and this Summer, it’s all about the White. Somehow we are supposed to embrace the bright colors of colored denim, neons, and at the same time, white. Not just a little white either – ALL white.

I love the all white look but it can be daunting. To me, it always looks better when you embrace simplicity. The more simple, the better!

If you’re not comfortable doing the all white look via a dress, you can do just white pieces. A skirt here, shorts there or pants. I know people get scared with skinny white denim. They always worry that it shows too much and to be honest, it can, but – you can work around this. Earlier this Spring, I purchased a pair of very white, slightly thin white skinnies from Joe’s Jeans. I love them! They’re just so damn versatile. They bring casual up-a-notch.

When I wear them I do have the ultimate problem that most people have, I have to know that I’m wearing them before picking out my underthings otherwise when I have my jeans on, I have pink underwear staring back at me in the mirror. It’s no bueno. I have a trick to solve this though and I shared this on another blogger’s comment section. I bought a pair of seamless nude colored boyshorts from Victoria’s Secret that I actually wear over whatever undies I chose that day. I started doing this for two reasons: 1) because they’re boyshorts they remove lines and cover you’re entire derriere – meaning, it doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything, even though you most certainly are and 2) I could just wear the boyshorts themselves, but with the way white jeans tend to be, the more coverage I have, the more comfortable I am. So, that’s my trick, you may find it silly, but it makes my white jean wearing days so easy!

Now that I’ve told you my story, enjoy some fresh, summery whites: (and, as always, if you want to purchase, just click the image)

Joe’s Jeans – The Skinny in Frost – $158

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May 29, 2012

Just Another Outfit Post…

Just a hint of gold… would have been amazing if I owned a gold necklace, but no such luck!

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May 23, 2012

Polyvore: Denim & Floral

Denim & Floral


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May 22, 2012

That’s a Pretty Lipstick… No not the color…

With so much focus being placed on packaging for makeup now-a-days it’s no wonder that everything is getting more pretty. The most noticeable, in my opinion, is blushes. Companies now have to make sure the color and quality of the product is impressive as well as the appearance of the makeup. We want pretty things, don’t we?

Here are some of the pretty products I’m referring to:

Pixi – Lumi Lux Radiance Powder – No.1 Peach Petal $26.00

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May 21, 2012

Liberty of London Meets Paige Denim

As you can see, I changed the layout a bit. It just keeps getting cleaner and cleaner, lol.  Hopefully you like it better, I feel like it’ll give me a little bit more leeway than my last layout. Please let me know your thoughts on it :)

Now on to the fashion that I’ve been neglecting:

(photo source:

Apparently Paige Denim is pairing up with Liberty of London. Liberty is a cute store in London that’s kind of like a department store. I’ve been there once and honestly was a bit overwhelmed. (Mainly because it took me a few hours to find with its hidden location and a couple salesgirls sending me in the wrong direction away from the store when I was lost in the streets of London.) Anyway, Liberty teamed up with Target a few years back to put out a few products and now there back at it, only this time with Paige Denim. One of the trademarks of Liberty is their prints as this is what defined the products at Target and now at Paige Denim.

Here are four items you can pick up as part of their collaboration. They are patterned (of course) with a bit higher-waist in either peg-leg jeans and shorts.

Skyline Ankle Peg – Sophie Alice – $199.00

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May 16, 2012

Just Another Outfit Post…

I know I’ve been horrible about updating.. life has decided to be a bit crazy for the moment. Once it calms down I’ll be back to my old ways.

As promised though, new camera outfit picture! No blurry or fuzziness! It’s so amazing. I never thought I’d see the day…

Jacket & Necklace: ExpressSkirt: Cecio — Wedges:Mix No 6

Until next time…

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