Sephora Trip + VIB Status

I’ve been doing a lot of beauty posts lately, rather than fashion, and I apologize for that. I do have a few fashion ones lined up, I promise.

First, however, I have hit VIB status at Sephora. Actually, I think I hit it awhile ago, just no one told me. I had 700+ points stored up too and so I took advantage of a few of those points on my recent trip to Sephora. I went in to get my Beauty Insider Birthday gift, but sadly they were out and told me I had to come back later.

For those of you that don’t know, VIB Status is a ‘Very Important Beauty’ Insider.  You get this status when you hit $350 in an annual year. As a VIB you receive perks such as: first dibs on new products and pre-released samples, invites to exclusive store events and services, including a private holiday shopping party, exclusive promotions and freebies, including a VIB holiday gift card, a VIB-only hotline, and a 10% off next purchase coupon when you become a VIB. I have a feeling I won’t take advantage of the status very much, especially if this 10% off is the only real benefit you get. I’d be happier if it was 10% off every purchase, not just the first purchase after qualifying.

Anyway, this is what I ended up walking away with…

1) 500 Point Gift: Buxom International Insider. Four-piece set: Passport cover, Buxom Diamond Lip Gloss in April, Mini Buxom Big & Healthy Lipstick in Sydney and Mini Buxom Lash Blackest Black Mascara. I chose this one over the Tarte option for two reasons. One, I’ve had an allergic reaction to Tarte before, and two, I’ve never tried any Buxom products. I’m not planning on using the passport cover, so if it would’ve been replaced with a different product I would be in heaven, but it’s still cute and the rest of the products are good-sized so I’m not complaining. So far I love the Mascara, and a full-sized tube may get purchased soon. The Lip Gloss smells so good which is an odd bonus, but still a bonus. The Big & Healthy Lipstick is a nice neutral color that makes your lips look matte, rather than glossy or appear to have on lipstick. It’s perfect if you’re wanting a natural makeup look.

And yes, at the bottom is my VIB “Welcome Envelope.” It essentially just informed me of my new perks and included a coupon for 10% next purchase.

2) Hello Kitty mon amour Eyeshadow and Blush Palette – Now, this is something that I’ve been eyeing lately. I’ve seen it for months and kept saying to myself, “I don’t need it.” But, I saw that it was marked down and my willpower went out the window. It’s Hello Kitty and I’m not a big HK fan, or a fan at all for that matter, but I am a fan of Paris and anything with the Eiffel Tower on it.The marketers of HK got me with this recent collection. The colors are adorable, especially with names like Strawberry Macaroon, Jardin, Parisian Pink, Fleur De Lys, Croissant, and Eiffel Tower, and bonus, there’s a mirror on the inside that is the whole size of the palette. It’s so pretty and I can’t wait to try it but I don’t want to mess it up. I just want to stare at how cute it is… (nerd alert)


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