Where’s the plaid?

That’s right, I just checked my email and saw this image:

If you know me by now, you’ll know that I’m weary about this. Burberry is one of those brands that has always done what they do best, stick with the plaid design that everyone knows them for. This Spring/Summer however, they will be bringing us their new Sunburst print instead.

It comes in Dark Peacock(blue), Dark Spice (red), and Chrome Yellow:

Medium Sunburst Print Hobo – $1195

Sunburst Print Canvas Cosmetics Case in Chrome Yellow – $325

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate change. I’d be stupid to love and follow fashion if I hated change. But I do have issues when known brands produce something that barely resembles what they’re known for. The clasp in the front is among their known detailing as of late, but the canvas print is just a little too far off to me.

The medium hobo is very pretty and a good shaped bag, but I just 1)don’t see Burberry in it, and 2)can’t fathom paying $1195 for a Starburst printed canvas bag with leather trim. If the bag was more reasonably priced and by a brand that didn’t have such a signature look, I’d consider it. This is too much for me though.

Your thoughts?


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