Booted Outfit Love

So, I’ve noticed a lot of fashion bloggers post their outfits daily… well, I probably won’t do it that much, but I will try to post outfits here and there. So here we go: I took pictures of a few of my outfits this week to start out with. Turns out I wear a lot of the same colors. And, the weather changed on me. It’s been pretty chilly the last few days (around 50/60 for a high) so I busted out the jeans and boots. :)  (Last week I was wearing skirts and dresses.) These aren’t the most exciting or fashion-forward outfits but whatevs, I like my boots and I want to get a few more wears in before the 90 degree temperatures comes back.

(Above- Cream Top: Free People .. Tank: Love & Hunger .. Jeans: J Brand .. Boots: BP .. Purse: Henri Bendel)

(Above- Cardigan: Express .. T-shirt: Express .. Jeans: Express .. Boots: Steve Madden)

Yeah, it was an Express day

(Above – Jacket: Express .. Shirt: Love & Liberty .. Cords: Joe’s .. Boots: Fergi)

Sorry, the quality on this last one is really bad. I tried to fix it but it was beyond help. The colors are actually a light gray top and greenish/gray cords.

Those are my outfits from this past week, hopefully it warms up a bit so I can give you a bit more variety next time.


4 Comments to “Booted Outfit Love”

  1. I really like the cream top :)

    Happy Easter!
    Fashion in Pepperland

  2. Love the color of your jeans in the first pic :)

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