Sephora + Pantone Universe

Today I went into Sephora to test out the new Color of the Year eyeshadow quad ($28) and I was pleasantly surprised! I have to be honest –  when it comes to me and my makeup, I like my traditional colors. I go after purples, browns, and blacks for eyes, and pinks for lips, (which I rarely use anything on my lips). So, this whole tangerine thing, I thought, I don’t know… but maybe I’ll be adventurous! Turned out well!

I went in and and asked if I could have someone test the palette out on me and simply waited a few minutes for a girl to finish up and it was my turn. She asked how I normally wear my makeup and I told her “pretty bold” (I love black eyeliner and playing up my eyes) she apparently loved that answer and went to work. The entire palette is made up of four colors: Scallop Shell (nude), Carnelian (orange), Sparrow (plum), and Pavement (black glitter). The tangerine color, Carnelian, at first was a shock, I’ll admit, but I told her to keep going. When she was applying it, she got the brush wet to apply it with more pigmentation. It makes a BIG difference too! By the end, I was in love with the color. I now understand all the hype about this shade. It looks amazing. I have dark brown eyes and dark hair, so I’m sure that helps, but I was seriously not expecting to like it as much as what I did. I even let her test the bright orange lip gloss (Tangerine Tango Vivid) on me. THAT I was scared for! I apparently have way more color to my lips than usual because it turned out a coral color on me. Not even a hint of orange visible.

Now, I don’t really like posting pictures of myself, because I’m not photogenic, at all. And the only camera I have is on my iPhone, but, it’s the only way to show how great these eyeshadows are. This first picture makes my head look really big, and I swear it’s not actually that big, but, this is how the eyeshadows looked on me:

Close Up:

As I was leaving, the girl asked if I would be willing to try hot pink eyes next. I told her absolutely and now she wants me to come in more often so she can play, lol. Sounds like the beginning of something fun! :)

What do you think? Have you tried the Color of the Year quad yet?


3 Comments to “Sephora + Pantone Universe”

  1. Orange scares me! I don’t think it would be flattering at all for my Asian skin tone…!

    • Trust me, I was scared too! You may be able to pull off a more subdued version… I probably do have a bit darker of a complexion than you, I’ve got a bit of Spanish in me. You should have them try it on you though. That’s the great thing about makeup, if it’s bad it wipes right off! :)

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