Bohemian Chic

I love Free People. LOVE Free People. I’m pretty sure if you’ve been following me for some time you have already gathered this, but if not, now you know. Their clothes are so feminine and great for layering. Which to me translates as I get to wear it in the summer or winter! I love when clothes are multi-seasonal, especially being a Kansan. Seriously, you don’t know weather swings until you’ve lived here. At the beginning of this week, the high was 90, yesterday the high was 50. The weather seriously has A.D.D.. Not even kidding. But that’s why I love Free People, it’s a brand that has so much to offer so it fits my wardrobe needs.

Anyway, yesterday I received my April Free People catalog and fell in love with an outfit and I had to share it. I am in love.



This outfit is comprised of the lovely Tape Yarn Vest pictured below. This is a One Size fits all for $78 available on their website. And…..

The lovely FP New Romantics Valkyrie Bodycon Dress for $168.

The two pieces make such an amazing outfit together, I wish it was hanging in my closet. What brand do you love?


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