The Versatile Shirtdress

They’re versatile, they’re comfortable; they’re the shirtdress. Dress them up or wear them as is – they are a dress that looks both casual and dressy at the same time. It’s Spring which means it’s time to show off those legs and these are great ways to welcome the new fashions.

Here’s some lovely examples of shirtdresses you can get your hands on!

Joie – ‘Bishop’ Chambray Shirtdress – $218

I love brands Joie and Soft Joie. I was introduced to the brand in Saks Fifth Avenue in Las Vegas and ever since buying the Soft Joie top, I’ve been in love. Knowing how comfortable the top I have is, I can only imagine how soft and comfortable this shirtdress could be. Plus, a big plus, it’s chambray which is also very in right now. Perfect combination, right?

Diane von Furstenberg ‘Linnia’ Tie Front Shirtdress -$345

The crisp white of this dress makes it a classic. We all know and love the classic white button-down shirt and knows just how much it goes with. The same applies to this shirtdress. As the inventor of the wrap dress, I can’t imagine DVF going wrong with this similar shape.

Tory Burch ‘Angie’ Colorblock Silk Shirtdress – $375

Tory Burch took advantage of the shirtdress trend as well as the color-blocking trend. This dress you could wear it by itself and it would make a statement. No need to dress it up or accessorize like crazy. The colors are a perfect color combination in my opinion, though the white does throw me a bit. It almost stands out a bit too much. The simple stitching along the bottom is one of the details I find that I love in this dress. It’s so simple, but I feel like it adds a “finished” aspect to it that a lot of shirtdresses don’t have.

BCBGMAXAZRIA – Lace Overlay Shirtdress – $268

Lace, I already did a whole slew of posts on lace. This dress is so adorable and the fact that there’s something of color built-in underneath is like icing on the cake. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect shape dress to fit under it. The shape is my favorite part because its like a classic shirtdress on top but the bottom is like a different skirt attached. So adorable.

Vince Camuto – Roll Sleeve Shirtdress – $95.90

First off, I love this color. It makes such a bold statement by itself. And, as a brunette, I love going after reds. It’s got a very military kind of vibe to it with the 4 pockets, and rolled buttoned sleeves. I know shirtdresses are mainly baggy, but this one, in my opinion, is just a bit too baggy but it may just be an illusion with the pockets.

Jason Wu – Floral Print Pleated Shirtdress – $1930

By far the most expensive and most elaborate shirtdress I put on this list but I couldn’t not include it. Jason Wu did give us a taste of his work in his line for Target, but honestly, none of it was like this dress. I would have been there at 8am, maybe even before that, to get my hands on this dress. It’s so well-tailored, and clean, but feminine at the same time. With the high-low skirt and the sheer panel on top, it’s just simply my favorite.

Splendid – V-neck Shirtdress – $108

Splendid is known for their cotton usage. Which means you can live in their clothes and not want to tear them off and crawl into sweats the moment you get home. This shirtdress looks like the epitome of that thought. Just seeing this dress I want to put it on and even lounge around in it. It looks so soft and lightweight. So simple in the construction and the belt in a bow just tops it. I seriously want this in my closet. It would be a go-to piece if I couldn’t decide what to wear.

Bell By Alicia Bell – Ruffle Front Shirt Dress – $314

Ruffles are so much fun and add so much to a simple silhouette. That’s what I love about this dress. If you remove the ruffles its simple. But just having those down the front I could see putting a necklace with a clutch and that’s all you’d need to make this a great outfit. I love when outfits are simple to create but still manage to make a statement.

Burberry Brit – Emelia Twill Sleeveless Shirt Dress – $550.00

Burberry Brit meets shirtdress, result tailoring and sophistication. It’s as simple as simple can get. There’s no belts in bows, no ruffles, no crazy big pockets. No bells or whistles; it’s a base layer to be built upon. The versatility of this could be astounding.

plenty – Papaya Diagonal Plaid Shirtdress – $268

This plenty dress just looks fun. I had to add it. I love the way the buttons pop on the fabric, and the skirt. Oh I love the skirt portion. The fact that the bottom comes back in with buttons creates more of a shape than your ordinary shirtdress. The back of this too, which is not featured here, but on the site to purchase it (click the picture to view) is so creative. You will see that the bottom is a different band which cinches the skirt in creating the shape. Bonus: there are pockets. Whenever a dress or skirt has pockets it gets a big thumbs up in my book. Love the pockets.

And there you have it, a long and mighty list of potential shirtdresses. Do you have a favorite? How do you wear yours?


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