Country Gone Fashionable

Yes, it’s not the Oscars or any big fashion event, but I still love my country music award shows. I’m from Kansas, I like country. What a cliché. (And no, not everyone in Kansas loves country. A lot of people hate it.) Anyway, I love country and while most people ignore the fashion that occurs around banjos and fiddles, quite rightly most of the time, I wanted to share a few looks that were on stage last night at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

First is Sara Evans, I love her music and I feel like she’s underrated. While she is older than the average country leading lady at 41, she still looks very good for her age. Her red off-the-shoulder blouse and black leather pants are a great look in my opinion; however, the only thing that says country in this outfit is that belt buckle! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. At least she didn’t pull an Ashton Kutcher and come out looking ridiculous in a whole Western getup that we all know isn’t his normal attire. I still think she was dressed very fashionably for her performance (her formal gown that she wore into the arena is another story though.)

(image source:

Country or pop listeners have probably heard of The Band Perry, a brothers and sister trio who are heard on both pop and country stations. When they took the stage last night I was a bit surprised. Normally Miss Kimberly has very frizzy curly hair and not exactly the most chic outfit on, but last night was another story. She tamed her hair into soft waves and wore a lace little black dress. If I could give her an award for best transformation, I would. She looked amazing and like a true star.

(image source:

Carrie Underwood: a household name already. She opened the show in this pink and black outfit. While I didn’t like it at first, it did grow on me. All her lady bits are covered, and the rocker edge to the dress was appropriate for the edgy song she sang, “Good Girl.” And given that it has a pink ombre touch to it was fitting, too. The whole-lotta-fringe going on in the outfit is what threw me and made me question the outfit at first; it’s on her sleeves and the skirt. Fringe overload! All in all the dress is kinda rockish as opposed to country-ish, but to be honest Carrie Underwood isn’t exactly full-fledged country. She kinda fits more in the pop world. She did wear it well though.


Lastly, LeAnn Rimes. She didn’t perform, but this dress was something I had to share. She’s been showing off her body lately, (for example the cover of Shape magazine last year after the scandal she was involved in.) And this Stella McCartney let her continue her trend with a strategic cutout covered with mesh that gives it a bit of sexiness without actually showing bare skin. While I love this dress, the pattern and shape, I didn’t think it was exactly appropriate. Most people wear formal gowns and this looks much more casual and almost kind of sporty. Don’t get me wrong, she looks amazing in the dress and I love it, but wrong place, wrong time.


All in all, Kimberly Perry won my vote for best dressed. The LBD is always the way to go. Who got your vote?


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  1. Found you when I searched for music blogs.. enjoyed my visit. Happy Easter!

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