Slithery Snakesss

While snakeskin has never quite gone out of style, I think it’s safe to say that it does come and go in fashion. For the current season, it has definitely come back with a vengeance. It’s not just on handbags or shoes this time, it’s in every piece of the outfit now. You could essentially deck yourself out in head-to-toe snakeskin if you really chose to, which I hope you don’t.. frankly that’ll make people stop and stare… and not in a good way.

The best way to wear plain natural-colored snakeskin is with neutrals. Go for whites, blacks, grays, browns, cream, olive etc. Use only accessories to really vamp up an outfit, or wear a snakeskin dress with a plain blazer – the look will be classy and chic. Add a leather jacket to snakeskin pants or dress and give it an edge. Or it can be really subdued if you dress it appropriately and it won’t give you the cheetah or leopard print in-your-face vibe. It can even be appropriate for work in small doses.

On the other hand – you will find some colorful snakeskin prints here and there, those are ones you can definitely have fun with. I’ve included a pair of Alice + Olivia platforms that bring color to the skin. These can go with some bold colors and are meant to played with, no toned down looks allowed.

Here are some snakeskin prints that should get you wanting to take on this fashion trend:

Lanvin – Happy Leather Shoulder Bag – $2585

Alexander McQueen – Python Skull Knuckle Duster Clutch – $3270

Christian Louboutin – Lipsinka Python Point Toe Pumps – $1295

Alice + Olivia – ‘Juliet’ Platform Wedge – $295

Strenesse Blue – Silk dress – $450

Rebecca Minkoff – Leila Dress Python – $428

Rich & Skinny – Legacy – Python  – $172.00 

Of Two Minds – Jess Serpent Jacquard Blazer in Blue – $279


3 Responses to “Slithery Snakesss”

  1. I love a bit of fake snakeskin can make an outfit really glam!

    • I agree! I think I’m gonna try and track down a cute snakeskin dress and or pumps this season since I have a couple of blazers that could really make a great quick outfit! Thanks for the comment :)


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