Fashionable Business

Dressing cute, is one thing, and dressing for business is another thing.

Most contemporary designers make it a little difficult to wear their clothes for work. The clothes are either flashy, low cut, casual or a plethora of other embellishments that just simply do not fly when you are trying to be taken seriously in an office environment. There are a few like Theory, James Perse, BCBG, and Vince, just to name a few, that do have work appropriate clothes in their lines, but I mean, most people do spend a good majority of their life at work, you need clothes that can be stylish while work appropriate.

J Brand is now adding their name to this list of fashionable business attire brands. Weird, right? A denim label making clothes for work? It’s true, they’re making a section of clothes that just so happens to be work appropriate attire as well as chic.

According to an article in a recent Elle magazine, all the pieces of the new collection isn’t exactly work appropriate, depending on your workplace, like the leather pants they are offering, but they do have Japanese paper twill blazers, slim tuxedo trousers and blouses that have “ultraflattering, unfettered silhouttes” perfect for work.

The J Brand Design Director, Donald Oliver, sat down with Elle magazine and shared a few tips on how to dress stylish for work in February’s Elle.

Elle: Which items should every working woman have in her closet?

Donald Oliver: A really good blazer, a good pair of trousers, a smart blouse, and definitely a good pair of jeans.

Elle: Jeans for the office? Are you just saying that because you work for J Brand?

DO: No, today jeans expand through a lot of uses. Especially if you opt for a darker jean, it can look superclean.

Elle: On to blazers – it seems as if everyone and her mother has come out with a take on this staple. In such a saturated market, how do you know which to pick?

DO: The fit in the arms is very important. With our blazers, we kept an ease to the body and then really, really narrowed the sleeves. this way, the wearer looks superslim and narrow but still feels comfortable.

Elle: What should a jeans girl look for in the fit of her trousers?

DO: You want a slim cut that makes your legs look longer, but one that’s not too tight at the cuff – it shouldn’t look like you’re squeezing into something. And then you should also make sure it looks good from behind. A lot of trousers tend to be a bit saggy around the back.

Elle: You have shorts in your collection. Can those ever fly at the office?

DO: I wouldn’t suggest anyone wear cutoffs, but a city short, which is based off a trouser and falls just above the knee, can be a fun play on the traditional suit. You should pair it with heels, but make sure they are closed-toe and not too high – otherwise it gets a little paint-the-town red.

Elle: Shorts, jeans – is there anything that’s [Not suitable for work] under any circumstances?

DO: Cleavage. It’s important to feel relaxed, but if you unbutton past the third button, you are getting a little too risque.


I hope this helps you getting ready for work. According to J Brand, jeans can be appropriate at work, given the right shade and shape, and shorts can be your friend in those summer months.

Are you going to check out J Brand’s new ready-to-wear office collection?


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