Print & Pattern Mixing

We’ve all been taught not to mix patterns; it’s too busy! Don’t wear stripes with polka dots, or horizontal stripes with vertical stripes, or (insert rule here)… Well, not this year. Wear your polka dots with your stripes. Wear your floral with your chevron. It’s all fair game. Just do it well.

How can you tell if it goes together since you’ve always made sure not to mix patterns? Well.. Get similar shades and just go with it. A big part of making a look work is simply going with it. Wear it with confidence and people will believe you that it goes together and is a fantastic outfit. I think this season requires a lot of confidence if you want to attempt the trends. Wearing bright colors together, and now mixing prints? Talk about pressure this season!

If you ever looked at your closet before and thought “I have nothing to wear!” Think again. This season will have you mixing and matching your tried and true for completely new outfits that you really weren’t expecting.

Polka Dots & Stripes

PrintMixed by miahepburn23 featuring striped shorts

What do you think of the print and pattern mixing? Love it? Hate it?


One Comment to “Print & Pattern Mixing”

  1. You could even mix print and patterns with your shoes! Very cute!

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