The Perfect Jean Machine

“Does my butt look big in these jeans?” You’ll never have to ask that inevitable question to anyone again, thanks to Bloomingdale’s, BodyMetrics, and Microsoft.

Installed in Los Angeles’ Bloomingdale’s, Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows and BodyMetrics have created a BodyMetrics Pod to help you find those perfect jeans we’re all searching for. Basically, you step inside (in your undies), and Kinect software scans your derriere to find your exact measurements. The downside is, the Pod doesn’t actually tell you which jeans will fit you perfectly, as we all have our preference about fit, but instead after it takes your measurements, you work with a BodyMetric’s Stylist. They will then help you find which pair and style will work best with your dimensions.

I could see this working well if the BodyMetric’s Stylists are trained really well about which range of dimensions work best with what jeans, but I’m not really seeing how this is going to solve too much since you’re still going to be working with a person who’s subjective.  Unless, the Pod actually does more than what they’re saying it does, I’m skeptical.

Good idea? Bad idea? What’s your thoughts on this invention? If it was near you, would you be testing it out?


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