Is This Too Tight?

As we all know there are not just rules to fashion, but there is problems that come with it. We all know heels are bad for us, and too tight of pants, but do you know others? Or even why you’re not supposed to wear certain things? Let me enlighten you with some help from a Yahoo article that was taken from Glamour. (And if you want to read the original article it is here: Yahoo)

The 7 Most Dangerous Fashion Items for Your Health:

  1.  Skinny Jeans
  2.  Spanx
  3.  Tight Ties & Shirts
  4.  High Heels
  5.  Flip Flops
  6.  Heavy Handbags
  7.  Accessories Containing Nickel

There’s the list. How many do you wear on a daily basis?

I love my skinny jeans, and my high heels, and my heavy handbags. Well… I don’t really LOVE my HEAVY handbags, but I love my handbags that just so happen to end up being heavy since I put everything I could possibly need in them. But I couldn’t imagine giving up any of those. And I’m pretty sure there’s gotta be some piece of my jewelry that contains Nickel. Actually I’m probably sure of it. Whenever I buy cheap earrings, my ears get all swollen, itchy, and red. I proceed to keep wearing them though because they’re cute. Yeah, I’m smart I know.

So explanation time:

Why shouldn’t you wear tight jeans? It interferes with digestion and “lower back pain, yeast infections in women and a rare condition called lipoatrophia semicircularis, in which horizontal lesions appear around the thighs.”

Spanx for too long can “cause nerve compression and reduced oxygen intake.” Kinda obvious on that one since when you wear something too tight you feel like you can’t breathe.. turns out you really can’t!

Tight Ties and Shirts.. This one really is for men, but for you ladies that like rockin the menswear look, beware. Too tight of ties “can reduce circulation to the brain and decrease range of motion in the neck and increase muscle tension in the back and shoulders.” If you don’t wear ties, but a man in your life does, maybe give him a heads up.

High heels. “[H]eels higher than two inches “have been linked to bunions, hammer toes, stress fractures and ankle sprains.” Let’s face it, it could be worse.. Which is really good since most of us refuse to give up our heels.

Heavy handbags. It throws off your back alignment, which means back pain. We all know what it does to you after you’ve had to carry your bag around for a long period of time – all you want to do is put it down and rub your shoulders and straighten out your back. “According to the [Wall Street] Journal, ‘The American Chiropractic Association recommends that women carry no more than 10% of their body weight in a bag.’ ” This number seems realistic to me, I think. I’ve never weighed my bag, but I feel like it would fit this percentage.

Accessories with nickel. I already said that my ears get red, itchy and swollen when I wear fake earrings. I think they must have nickel because according to the article “[e]ven minute amounts of nickel in rings, earrings, belt buckles, watch backs and jeans rivets can cause an itchy red rash on people who have nickel allergy.” Whoops. I might have an allergy.

So readers, I hope this was helpful. Do you listen to rules/suggestions like these or do you ignore them?

And I do have to pose the question: how much does your handbag weigh?


2 Comments to “Is This Too Tight?”

  1. At 5ft tall, I rarely leave the house without my heels. It does concern me that back problems are on the increase and cause a lot of misery. Could killer heels be a culprit? I play safer these days and wear some of the very flattering wedge style boots and shoes when I have to be on my feet for long periods. I still look taller and slimmer but I’m way more comfy!

    • I’m no doctor, but I’m sure high heels cause back pain. I’ve actually heard that kitten heels are worse than the normal 2-3″ heels that most women wear. I’m like you and just over 5ft so I feel your pain. We get the choice of either looking taller or not having pain, lol. I tend to choose looking taller. :)

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