Eyeliners to the Test

I personally, am one of those who can’t seem to leave the house without eyeliner. Even if that’s the only piece of makeup that I put on, I need it. In case you have this issue with leaving the house without eyeliner too, let me offer my suggestions for best eyeliner.

I’m also not opposed to trying new things.. that’s how you find your favorite eyeliner. So in doing this, I have used my fair share of different liners over the years. I’ve tried liquids, kohls, crayons, waterproof, gel; you name it, I’ve tried it. Not to mention, I wear contacts and my skin/eyes are super sensitive which means I set the bar even higher for my makeup than most people. Seriously, my skin cannot handle drugstore brand makeup. I wish it could because I would save a lot of money every year, but nope. Not this face. I break out within minutes. Even my own hair touching my face breaks me out. Ridiculous, I know. This will explain why I’m very hard on reviewing makeup… lol.

Anyways eyeliner – I used to think my lovely Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliners were the best thing ever. They never irritated my eyes, they had decent staying power, and there were a variety of shades to choose from. I even have 3 of these. However, the problems came when I started nearing the end of the supply. They are doing this thing where they no longer go in the cap straight. The Stila one has even cracked all the way around the tube so it can no longer be closed. My MAC one is starting to do this same thing too. They’re not crusted over on the top either so it’s not that kind of a problem. They have the same bottle shape so something is wrong. In addition to the bottle being broken, the tip makes it very hard to get a superthin line. My eyes are slightly hooded so I need the thinnest possible line I can get to be able to put on eyeshadow and it be seen. These definitely do not accomplish the task.

(Notice the crooked cap on the top left and the crack on the one below)

Next: MAC does redeem itself with its Technakohl Liner. This liner is amazing for your waterline and/or bottom liner. I’ve always loved applying liner to the inner rim both top and bottom and this one has never, and I mean NEVER irritated my eyes (which is saying a lot – I’ve had to go 4 days without my contacts before because of eyeliners irritating my eyes so badly) The downside to this is that because it is a kohl liner, it won’t last you more than a few hours if you want to keep a solid black line around your eyes.

Last: I recently ventured to Sephora to pick up my Naked2 Palette from Urban Decay and purchased a new eyeliner with it. Honestly, best purchase ever! I bought Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (in Perversion). The color is the blackest of blacks, and the tip is actually a tiny brush, not a sponge like tip that MAC and Stila use. This liner is perfect for tightlining, rather than lining your waterline as it is a liquid and would probably end up burning more than giving you a nice thin black line. Even the consistency is more what a liquid liner should be rather than what Stila or MAC give you. The staying power is really good as well, you won’t have to worry that your liner disappeared halfway through the day. I really recommend, if you haven’t tried it yet, try it. It’s amazing.

Do you have any eyeliners that are your favorites? Or have any you recommend to stay away from?


4 Comments to “Eyeliners to the Test”

  1. I looooooved technakohl for the longest time until I found Stila Waterproof Kohl Stick. Packaging is cheap, doesnt twist down, but it truly is water-resistent and much more pigmented than Macs!

    • I’ll have to try that one! As long as its not the liquid liner I used of Stila’s I’m definitely willing to give it a try. I love when their more pigmented as when I buy a black eyeliner I want it to show up black.. and then stay black. lol Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I love Rimmel liquid eye liner. The applicator tip is perfectly shaped to manage this small delicate area. You can apply a thin or thick line with accuracy and I love it so much that I never leave home without it. I have sensitive eyes and it’s fine for me. Perhaps you’ve already tried it though?

    • I actually haven’t tried any Rimmel products. After testing out Maybelline, CoverGirl, Almay etc, I got a little scared, lol. If you’ve got sensitive eyes too then I’ll have to test it out! Thanks for the suggestion!

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