Embrace the Lace: Skirts

So here it is, last but definitely not least: skirts. We all wait, rather impatiently for the weather to warm up do we can bust out our skirts. (Guys really don’t understand how much fun it is to be able to wear skirts.) Short, long, half and half, straight, asymmetrical, flowy; Variety!!!

I kind of feel like I’ve saved the best for last or maybe I’m just biased because I think skirts are the most versatile clothing item we girls have at our disposal. You can wear them in the winter or the summer, without covering them up with a cardigan or jacket like a top or dress, you can pair them with tights to really accent the color, belt them, wear them with heels or flats to change the formality of the outfit. A skirt can completely change an outfit in a way jeans can’t. It puts an extra touch of femininity to an outfit that somedays you just love to have and exude.

Without further ado, I give you the skirts. I hope by now you have embraced the lace!

ASOS – Pencil Skirt in Lace – $44.76

Juniper Pleated Lace Skirt – $240

RED Valentino – Lace Skater Skirt – $630

Charlotte Russe – Contrast Lace Overlay Skirt – $20

Valentino – Tiered Lace Mini Skirt – $1,890

Type Z – Kristah Belted Lace Skirt – $54


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