Bling baby, bling!

Not only can you have bling for your jewelry, but now, your clothes and shoes can have its own share of bling.

Everything this season is encrusted with jewels. They may be heavier, sure, but just think of it like earrings. They hurt your ears because they can be so heavy, but we all know how much that little extra piece can really help make a look.

Enjoy what the extra bit of embellishments can do for the outfit. A little jewel here, a little flower there. The Fall can be so full of simple, plain clothing, Spring is a nice time to break free and add some little details to let your style show through.

According to the March edition of Marie Claire, some designers that you will be bejeweled by are:

French Connection – Gem Neck Dress – $223.81


Lanvin – Jewel Print Tank  – $1270

Dress Up Topshop – Jewel Bodycon Dress  – $395.00

Calvin Klein – Jeweled Halter Pleated Flow Dress – $139.50

Sky – Mocha Jersey Jewel Embellished Strapless Top – $52

Dolce & Gabbana – Jeweled Skirt

Giamnattista Valli 



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