Embrace the Lace: Tops

Tops. The simple part of an outfit that can simply make an outfit. With embellishments or patterns, stripes, cutouts, straps, or … yup, you guessed it, lace.

Honestly, while I love lace, I’m really not a fan of plain lace tops. Ones that have an under-layer I’m a fan of; just plain lace, not so much. I must’ve been traumatized as a child with itchy lace because I put lace on and I’m sure I’m going to bust out in a red rash the second it makes contact with my skin. Anyway, I’m gonna get over my fear this season and try some lace. Hopefully you’re not as odd as I am and have no problem with this trend.

Here are the tops that I found that will help you embrace the lace. I found a lot of affordable options for these, so hopefully you will find one you can add to your wardrobe!

Charlotte Russe – Antiqued Lace Crop Jacket – $39.99

Antiqued Lace Crop Jacket

Free People – Daisy Lace Baseball – $98

Express – Lace Back Shirt tail Tank – $29.90

Z Spoke Zac Posen – Lace S/L Top – $290

J. Crew – Rainbow Lace Top – $110

Raindrop lace top

Charlotte Russe – Zip Back Lace Tee – $20

Zip-Back Lace Tee

Delia’s – Floral Lace Pullover – $29.50


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