Embrace the Lace: Dresses

Next up in the lace category are dresses. Like I mentioned in my previous post, Kate Middleton and her famously lace dresses contributed to the love of lace, especially in dresses. From her famous wedding dress to her black lace dresses, we’ve all watched her show just how classy lace can be. That’s the amazing thing about lace. You can make it really casual, like the shorts I showed you yesterday, or you can dress it up.

Half the dresses I found for today are just that – casual, and the other half dressy. Whatever occasion you can make lace work for you.

In no particular order are today’s lace dress finds and if you have any others that you’d like to share I’d love to add to this list!

Nightcap – Victorian Lace Tube Dress – $385

Victorian Lace Tube Dress

Lover – Serpent Lace Dress – $1025

French Connection – Lizzie Lace 3/4 Length Sleeve – $198

Tibi – Imperial Lace Boatneck Dress – $415

Malene Birger – Salisa Lace Trim Dress $575

Juicy Couture – Festival Lace Dress – $298

Diane von Furstenberg – Sarita Floral Lace Dress – $375

If I may say, this dress resembles what the trendsetter herself started…

That’s all the lace I have for you right now. Next is tops!


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