Color Spotlight: Mint

Spring is here. Pastels are up and running – but one is running more amok this year than the others. Mint is the “wow” color right now. You can pretty much get this color in any item of clothing or accessory. I’ve even had a few local stores point out their items that came in mint in the last couple weeks.

I’ve put together this polyvore creation to give you an idea of a minty outfit -and the variety that you can expect. They’re not all the perfect mint color, but that’s actually part of the mint thing. There’s multiple shades of it. Honestly I love the color, whichever one it happens to be. It’s much more functional than I thought it would be as it can mix with a variety of other shades and colors. The sundress in the picture is my personal favorite and I even have the Essie nail polish!

It’s kinda crazy though, if you Google “Mint color” a wide, wide variety of colors show up. Have you embraced the mint color yet?

I’ve search online to find some other pieces in the mint category for your shopping pleasure as well:


Forever 21

Donna Morgan Strapless Silk Chiffon Dress

Donna Morgan at Nordstrom

Hudson Jeans 'Nico' Skinny Leg Overdyed Jeans (Berry)

Hudson Jeans


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