70/30 Rule: Black & Pink Mix

I was recently reading articles on Yahoo when I came across an article about the 70/30 Rule. I’ve always done this but never realized it had a name. This rule simply states that the key to having a good outfit is to mix good quality pieces of clothing with cheaper quality in the 70 to 30 ratio. For example: say you have a good jacket and a good pair of jeans, mix that with a cheap t-shirt, jewelry, and boots; or another way: a good sweater with a cheap dress, cheap leggings, a nice purse and nice jewelry. Essentially make sure your key pieces are good quality. It makes your outfit look more than you really paid for it.

You don’t want to waste your money on things like t-shirts or tank tops that are plain, those are expendable. Buy those from Target or get them really cheap on sale. If a cheap t-shirt gets ruined it won’t make a big impact, it can be replaced and it didn’t “make” your outfit anyway. What makes an outfit is a fashionable blouse or sweater or a really fantastic pair of jeans or shoes. Spend your money on those; they’ll last longer, making your entire wardrobe last longer. You’ll spend less replacing lesser quality items that have worn out or ripped because you bought them to cheap to begin with.

For this outfit, I put together what would be consistent with the 70/30 Rule. I exaggerated a bit with the extravagance that’s required to pull off this rule, but you’ll get what I mean. Four pieces of this outfit are priced $200 or above, while the rest, though making an impact on the outfit, aren’t the standout pieces and therefore don’t need to cost quite as much as the rest. Therefore, the outfit as a whole, isn’t all expensive.

Pink & Black Mix

Dorothy Perkins cream sweater
$35 – dorothyperkins.com

BKE scoop neck tank
$9.38 – buckle.com

High waisted jeans
$282 – my-wardrobe.com

Alexander mcqueen heels
£595 – harveynichols.com

Assad Mounser facets jewelry
$300 – net-a-porter.com

Elie Saab gold jewelry
$663 – boutique1.com

Missoni hair accessory
$95 – bloomingdales.com

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