Sex and the City: The Prequel

So, it’s not directly fashion per say, but most fashion ladies know and have a special place in their hearts for Sex and the City. Well, while perusing Yahoo news articles I came across one of interest to SATC. Apparently, since the two movies did so well, they are taking another one of Candace Bushnell’s novels and turning it into a show! The Carrie Diaries, to be exact will be made into show on the CW. Some of this may be old news, as there was talk about it all the way back in September. But recent additions to the works is the CW network, and Miss Anna Sophia Robb cast as a young Carrie Bradshaw.

I have read the Carrie Diaries and it was a lovely book. It was cute getting a little bit background on Carrie Bradshaw and seeing her go through senior year in highschool leading up to her big move to New York City and meeting Samantha. (Don’t worry, if you haven’t read it, I really didn’t give anything away that the book jacket didn’t. It’s a fantastic book, you should read it.) Anyway, I think that the idea of turning this book into the small screen, is an interesting one. I love my Sex and the City, and I am a little skeptical of this move. Let me explain why.

Carrie Diaries

First, I already have the characters in my head from the movies and the six-year run on HBO. Chances are, since they are bringing in a young cast to portray these characters, they will have different mannerisms and may change the characters.

Second, the CW. I feel like most people will understand that’s all I have to say. But- for those who don’t understand… the CW is very, very young. I realize that the Carrie Diaries is distributed as young adult, and it’s supposed to be set in high school, but the fans of SATC are older. I fear that with this partnership, it’s going to change the integrity of the story to make it even younger and tweeny feeling.

Third, AnnaSophia Robb. She is gorgeous, especially for only being 18, and her acting resume is quite impressive so I know she’s a wonderful actress, but she honestly doesn’t look anything like Sarah Jessica Parker who in our minds IS Carrie Bradshaw.

AnnaSophia Robb

I do plan on giving the show a chance because I do love the book and the series, but I’m just a bit skeptical and worried.

So, I ask you readers, am I being unreasonable or do you have the same concerns? Would you give the show “the green light?”


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