Vivacious Red Denim…

If you haven’t seen it yet, you will. The red denim is creeping into our closets and I’ve gotta admit. I love it. I’ve never been one for different colored denim besides my different washes, the light, medium, and dark, but I love the red. This fall I may branch out a bit and even go for the plum and bright blues that are also coming into play. The red, though, is going to be a good buy this season. It’s already been in a style magazine so it’s on its way. Even though Joe’s Jeans is known for its “55 colors” jeans, I went with J Brand and can’t be more pleased with my purchase. They were around $180, so if you can’t afford that, Express has some red jeggings this year for a lesser price. So the red jeans… are you up for it? What’s the best outfit you can make with the daring splash of color during this season of grays?


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